of man's first disobedience
lily, 22, no longer the bay area. i went to the same school as chris pine. pacific rim, star trek, lord of the rings, les mis, archangels, mythology, marvel, ghibli, star wars. i get overly excited about cake.

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making them suffer is an art

It’s all my fault, Charles.

the fact that i’ve only recently realized that i’m ace makes me think about the past couple years, when i would see posts about being ace that definitely applied to me and think how that definitely doesn’t apply to me, ho ho, because i am your average run of the mill heterosexual, a heterosexual who simply wishes to avoid sexual contact at all costs because ew, and i just wonder if my subconscious was sitting there with my libido watching me like……….’do you want to tell her?’

but lily i would definitely want you as a roommate like i could totally listen to you gushing about les mis 24h/ and wear starfleet dresses


i am writing a roommate application this is so stressful i want them to like me but i feel that any of the ‘interesting’ things about me would make no one want to live with me ever

no no no this is the coolest i’m so excited for you!!!

:* :* it’s just really amazing to see that progress exists outside the world i see everyday on the internet :D


Mallory Ortberg on fire on twitter today (as usual).

tonight at dinner my mom 1) initiated a conversation about transgender/genderfluid/nb people and gender identities and appropriate pronouns, etc., because she’d listened to something about mills’ new policies on npr and wanted to talk to me about it and 2) said the words and i quote: “i just think it’s all our responsibility to educate ourselves about things like this” i am so proud of her


my eyes shall seek thee - 

we die to each other daily -

for it would split his heart to know it -